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Student Photo Award

Topic 2018: Yes we change

In the 2008 US election Barack Obama, when posed with the question of whether the
biggest problems in world politics could be solved, answered repeatedly wih 'yes, we can',
a phrase which would become a slogan of his political campaign to express courage,
confidence and assurance.

In 2018 we will give a new answer with 'yes we change!':

Yes, we have the power and the willingness to change ourselves!
Yes, transformation is a topic of our times!
Yes, we want to be a part of this transformation!
Yes, we want to redefine directions and paths!
Yes, we are change! Personally, societally, ecologically and politically.

This year's photo competition, however, asks for you personal stories of change. How do
you confront this world which is constantly changing around us? Which new paths are you
venturing down? And which are your refuges of stability?

Change is continuous and transformation is the most natural thing in the world- we are
excited for your interpretations of this!