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The 6th Studentenwerk photography competition is hosted by Studierendenwerk Thüringen.



Termine Wanderausstellung

Ihr möchtet Euch die Gewinnerbilder noch einmal ganz in Eurer Nähe ansehen? Dann findet Ihr hier die Termine für die Wanderausstellung "Yes we change", die noch bin 30.06.2020 durch die teilnehmenden Studenten - und Studierendenwerke tourt. Wir wünsche Euch viel Spaß beim Betrachten und Entdecken!

Termine Wanderausstellung / Exhibition Dates


Veröffentlichung der Plätze 4-20 in beiden Kategorien

Am Freitag, den 19.10.2018 fand unsere offizielle Preisverleihung in Erfurt statt, bei der alle Platzierungen veröffentlicht wurden und die Preise an die anwesenden Studierenden verliehen wurden. Nach dem Event können wir Euch hier nun die vollständige Liste aller 40 Gewinner in den Kategorien Einzelbild und Bildserie präsentieren:

Kategorie Einzelbild

Kategorie Bildserien

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an alle Gewinner!
P.S. Die Fotos der Preisverleihung und die musikalisch aufbereiteten Zusammenschnitte der Gewinnerbilder findet Ihr auf unserer facebook- und instagram-Seite.


And the winners are …

Last Friday we closed the 12 day voting period. Nearly 2.000 people casted their votes and decided the winners of the 6th students photo award 2018. And here they are:

Individual photo category:
1st place     Daniel Pfarr (TU Dresden) – Zugspitzmassiv
2nd place    David Lange (TU Dresden) – Stand out!
3rd place    Franziska Kubitz (BA Sachsen - Staatliche Studienakademie Dresden) – Vertikaler Wald

Series category:
1st place    Elisa Krummrich (Uni Rostock) – Die Entwicklung
2nd place    Joana Riedel (Uni Rostock) – Giglio, Italien
3rd place    Kira Seidelmann (MLU Halle-Wittenberg)

Congratulations to our winners!
For all curious people: You can see the winner photos on our social media accounts in the next days.



It is done! The first online-voting in the history of the 6th students photo award 2018 has come to an end last friday.
More than 3.600 votes have been registered - Thank you for your active appearance!

Now we will evaluate the votes and on next monday we will announce the 3 best—placed. So stay in tense. 

Attention Attention!!!

THE LAST DAY - last chance to vote! Activate all and collect as many votes as you can, cause from today evening the Voting Tool will be closed. 
For all those who have just woken up: vote here and make your favourites successful. 


The countdown has started … the last 3 days have begun. Who hasn’t voted yet, has to get a move on.

Fortunately the Voting will last until the 13th July, so hurry and cast your votes!



Many of you have already voted for their favourite photos, but there is certainly more to come.

For all who didn’t cast their votes yet, here’s the link to the Voting.

At the last heat of the Voting we had nearly 500 votes in a short space of time - that should be easy to accomplish again, right?


Thank you for your patience!

Now we are headed in the right direction and are shortly before reactivating the revised and improved online voting. From 2nd to 13th July you get the chance to vote for your favourites again, this time without problems. The voting period will be a little bit longer than the first, as a little redemption ;)

We hope, you will vote busy again and select the winners of our competition.


SERVER PROBLEMS - Online-Voting must be postponed

Due to serious server problems we have to postpone the online-voting for our student photo award. Despite of all efforts in the last days we could not guarantee a reliable online-voting that is accessible to all interested people. Thats why we had to make a clear cut right now.

The page is now going to move to another server, but that will take us some time.

We are doing our best to catch up on the online-voting! When it's done, we surely will inform you in time via mail and in the social medias.

Everyone is going to get a fair chance to vote for their favourites then!

Thank you for understanding. If you have any questions, please contact us:


It's done!

The problems with our server are fixed. From now on you can vote for your favourite photos. To handle the Online-Voting fairly, we will give you 2 more days. You now have time until the 23rd June to cast your vote!

If someone has problems with the login, because his/ her mail address is invalid, please write us a mail to We can reactivate your mail address.

We´ll keep our fingers crossed and thank you for your understanding!!



Technical Difficulties

Unfortunately we are faced to technical difficulties in the moment due to a server crash. We are working hard to fix the problem as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. We hope that the online-voting is going to run without any difficulties soon. We keep you informed!


The call has ended by now - but the photo award keeps on rolling!

On friday, 8th of june 2018, an independent jury is meeting in Weimar in order to preselect your photos for the online-voting. The challenge is to find out the 20 best photos in each category. We look forward to lively discussions!

Big thanks to all the numerous participants in this year’s student photo award! Don’t forget: Every photo/ series that is published in the online-voting is going to get a prize. But which? You are deciding it with your vote: from 11th to 21st june on this webpage!


Time is running! There are still 10 days left to participate in the Fotowettbewerb der Studentenwerke.

If you didn´t apply yet, get your chance until the 1st june 2018 and send us your photo or photo series.


Halftime! The call for our Fotowettbewerb der Studentenwerke started already one month ago. Did you submitted your photos yet? If not, send us your photos until the 01.June 2018 and get the chance to win one of our great prizes. The first prize is a high-quality binoculars by Zeiss worth about 450€.

 You have only one more month, so let´s go!


The call has begun! Send us your photos until the 1st june 2018 and get the chance to win prize money or one of our 50 high-quality prizes worth over 4000€! The first prize is a high-quality binoculars by Zeiss worth about 450€.
Participation is definitely worth a go!
Special thanks to our sponsors and their gracious countenance!