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Photo competition of the Studentwerke

Motto 2018: Yes we change

In the 2008 election campaign, Barack Obama responded to the question of whether to solve the great world political problems of the time, repeatedly with "Yes, we can", which should become the slogan of his campaign and expressed courage, self-confidence and confidence.

In 2018 we announce a new answer with "Yes we change!":

Yes, we have the strength and the will to change!
Yes, change is the theme of our time!
Yes, we want to shape this transformation!
Yes, we want to redefine directions and paths!
Yes, we are change! Personal, social, ecological, political.

But this year's photo contest also asks for your personal stories of change.
How do you meet the ever-changing world around you?
What new paths are you taking?
And what are your islands of stability?

The change is steady and the most natural thing in the world is change - we are looking forward to your interpretations!



Information about the traveling exhibition


Following the award ceremony, an exhibition will be opened with the best photos of the competition. The exhibition then tours through all participating Studentenwerke.

A list of all participating Studentenwerke (with link and contact details) can be found here (link to the contact page)

If your pictures are to be visited at your location, you will learn here shortly.