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Conditions of entry

Upon submittal of entry, the participant agrees to the following conditions in their entirety:

  • The call for entries will begin on 3rd April and end 1st June 2018.
  • The title of the competition is 'Yes we change'.
  • The competition will be split into two categories: individual photos and photo series.
  • The winners will be decided through online voting from 11th to 21st June.
  • An independent jury will decide on a shortlist after the call for entries has ended. The jury's decision is final and cannot be disputed.
  • The hosting Studentenwerk / Studierendenwerk organization reserves the right to exclude participants from the competition without stating a reason, for example due to a breach of the conditions of entry or the submittal of inappropriate or offensive photos.
  • Furthermore, the hosting Studentenwerk / Studierendenwerk reserves the right to terminate or interrupt the competition (for example for technical reasons) without prior announcement or stating a reason.
  • Winners will be notified in writing at the address provided upon entry. Cash payment for prizes is forbidden. Prizes will be handed out exclusively to winners or to legal guardians (in the case of minors). Exchange or transfer of prizes is not possible. Winners themselves are responsible for tax payments resulting from prizes.
  • Eligibility for prizes will be terminated if a winner is unable to be contacted, or fails to respond or accept their prize after 21 days, dated from the first announcement of the winners.
  • A judicial review is forbidden.

Who is the competition aimed at?

Those who are registered at an institute covered by a participating Studentenwerk or Studierendenwerk are eligible to take part.

How many photos can I enter?

  • A maximum of one individual photo or a series of up to four photos may be entered by each participant.
  • All photos are to be labeled with your name and the title of the photo.

Digital format

  • Digital formats may be submitted via email at
  • Images must be attached as RAW files in a printable resolution (2000x3000 if possible).

Developed format

  • Developed photos can be submitted via post or handed in personally. This can be done by sending individual photos or photo series to your respective Studenten- or Studierendenwerk or by visiting the office.
  • Photos can be submitted in the desired format at a maximum size of 21x30cm. Your name, the title of the photo and your email address should be written on the back of the photo in waterproof pen. Photos should be numbered if submitted as part of a series.
  • Please note that developed formats will be digitalized for the online voting.

What else must I submit?

  • Important: in order to be considered for the competition, participants must send a current valid certificate of matriculation with their entry!
  • Short biography of up to 200 characters (name, age, location of study, course of study etc.)

Information regarding data protection and copyright

  • The participant confirms that no third-party rights, for example copyright, trademark rights, or intellectual property rights, are infringed by the submittal of his or her entry. Participants must be 18 or over. Minors may participate with the written agreement of a legal guardian, to be submitted together with pictures.
  • Participants in the competition grant the hosting Studentenwerke / Studierendenwerke the right to use submitted images free of charge, without withdrawal of consent, and unrestricted with regard to time, space, edition and media. This refers to the following rights:
    a) Participating Studentenwerke / Studierendenwerke may take submitted images, in print or digital format, to make publicly available, exhibit to the public, or to be used in media (radio, television and social media) reports.
    b) All image rights must lie with the participant. The photo may not be controlled by an agency or publisher. Written approval of persons depicted in pictures must be made available.
    c) Participants in the 'Yes we change' photo competition consent to being identified by name in the aforementioned usage or publication of photos by the relevant Studentenwerke / Studierendenwerke.